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Episode 01 - Mina wakes up alone in her room. She’s happy because it’s her birthday, but when she goes downstairs, it looks like everyone in the house is busy with something and forgot her special day. As she starts crying, her mother calls her in the other room and... surprise! Her siblings have prepared a very special birthday party with five presents. But Mina wants a pony, so her siblings put all their presents together and build her a beautiful pony.​​​​​​​
Episode 09 - It’s a beautiful morning and Mina, Paz, Shanti, Sula, Jam and Nei are off to the mountains with their mother. When they reach the edge of a forest, they follow a trail and arrive to a pristine lake. They all jump into the water except for Sula. She is scared of swimming, so all t he kids show her that there is nothing to be afraid of. Eventually, Sula joins her siblings in the water. Then a swan appears, but it’s time to go home.
Episode 13 - Something’s wrong in the garden. Mina hears bleating, but doesn’t know what it is. When a sheep comes out of the bushes, she runs into the house. She tells Paz and Jam that she has seen a monster, but they don’t believe her. But as soon as they see the sheep, they scream as well. All the siblings run into their bedroom in terror. Then Nei looks out the window and sees a flock of sheep and starts laughing. In the end, the AO kids go outside and play with the sheep.